Ring Alarm, Schlage Locks, and Hubitat Challenge!

I have completely shut down my iris hub and rebuilt my system with lots of new goodies on the Hubitat platform. The HE platform is definitely the Bomb!
Here is the challenge that I'm trying to accomplish. I have a Ring alarm system installed which is basically independent from HE. I have 2 Schlage FE599 smart locks installed and paired with HE and Alexa. I would like to be able to disable the Ring alarm when the correct PIN code is entered on the smart lock. Yes I know that I could have just paired the schlage locks with Ring and that capability is available, but doing so I loose some flexibility controlling the locks with HE for other tasks.
Any thoughts or Ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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This is what I did for disarming my blink cameras with IFTTT when my Schlage lock is unlocked with a code.
Since HE doesn't have a trigger in IFTTT for locks unlocking, I created a virtual "lock"switch in HE and with Rule machine made a rule that turns on the switch when a lock is unlocked with a code. It auto turns off the switch after 5 sec.
Using IFTTT I made an Applet that disarms the Blink system when the "lock"switch turns on.

The problem is, Ring alarm doesn't work with IFTTT, only the cameras works. I been working in exactly what he wants to do, but I want to link Ring alarm with HSM, because I only use Ring alarm with one contact that HE triggers when intrusion is detected in HSM, so I will not have the Ring alarm all times in away mode, it works fine anyway but I want more real use on it.

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@randysleach - Sorry to bring up an old thread, but did you ever get this worked out? I am pretty much in the same situation you are in and I really would love to have the Ring Alarm work in conjunction with HE. Thanks!

I have the Schlage and Yale locks paired in Ring. It was just simpler. However, I did use the links on the community site to integrate my Ring alarm and Ring lights and cameras into HE. While it is a bit limited, it does work. For instance, the rule that turns all lights on if the alarm goes off does work.

Thread necromancy proves successful in this case. I have written this integration to control the Ring Alarm from HE.

I don't know how RM works with keypads attached directly to HE but you can control the Alarm from HE and get information and control (in some cases) devices attached to the Ring Alarm. The hurdle you will have is triggering that event off a successful code enter in HE on your HE paired keypad.

With CodaHQ’s integration, this should be easy. I have a similar setup and I use a combo of the lock unlocking and the motion sensor from the motion sensors I have that came with my Ring kit connected to Ring setup to turn around on lights with HE.

His awesome integration makes anything I have connected to Ring (1 contact sensor and 2 motion sensors) look native to me in HE without compromising my Ring Alarm setup. Truly magical.

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