Ring alarm outdoor siren

Was wandering if anyone has this paired with hubitat? And or if anyone has it with there ring alarm system, which i dont own. Im just intrigued by it !?

I got one in yesterday.. There will be a driver soon.


Nice, a bit pricey as is most ring stuff but looks like it has several power options and leds and what not.

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Not as pricy as the Ring Alarm Retrofit Kit (which we have a driver for too) ..

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Was looking into getting this siren, but I think i'm going to wait.
There will be a new version "soon" that seems to ditch the ugly color and shape of the currect siren.
(I think is a good thing, because it is ugly as hell)

Yea I put this off on my things to get and noticed that I could no longer find it on Amazon a few weeks ago. Oddly enough I read an article, maybe that one, about ADT complaining about the design and how they settled the dispute just the other day. Hopefully the new one comes sooner rather than later I’m always on the market for a new toy :laughing:

I hope a new version will not be as ugly as the current one.
I do not want a big blue hexagon on my house..