Ring alarm keypad G2 disarm without code

I can't find a way to disable without entering a code. Am I missing something or does it not exist?

So just to understand the use case why do you want this?

Also if that is what you want why not just use a button device instead of a keypad?

In theory the community driver for the keypad I suspect could allow you the option to trigger HSM disarm action when one of them is pressed. It may require a custom action to do that when x emergency button is pressed.

Pretty much about aesthetics with the keypad and also I can use it locally. I just want to see what the limits are when using this device. When I try to push the disarm button by itself, it will not disarm. It will only disarm when I create a code to use with it.

I use SharpTools mainly to set my mode but It's mainly cloud based. I will be using the keypad in conjunction with SharpTools.

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