Ring Alarm Integration and Siren

I am trying to connect my Ring alarm to Hubitat. So far I was able to get the contact sensors and motions sensors connected to the hub directly. The keypad and base station are giving me some trouble (any pointers would be helpful). They all say they are Zwave plus so i would assume connecting them all to Hubitat is doable.

My goal here is to try and set this up entirely decentralized from Ring's app. If not, with IFTTT.

I want to set up some logic that basically controls the alarm within hubitat. If it is not possible to do it all through hubitat at would at least want some control over it in the following ways:

-When I leave the house I want it to automatically arm Away, in the event I forget to arm it.
-I want to set up a separate keypad option that will call the police. This is in the extremely unlikely event someone had me disarming my alarm for them, it would disarm and also act as a silent alarm.
-I would like to play a unique alarm siren instead of the default one Ring would use. If I am home I want it to chime for a short period of time and switch over to playing some Drowning Pool to get me in the home defense zone (this one is more of a party trick but i think it would be pretty cool).

If anyone has some pointers on how to do all or some of this that could probably get me going!

This will not connect.. I have never successfully gotten the ring base station to connect as a secondary..

I use the ring keypads so this should connect, although their documentation leaves a lot to be desired.. Which model are you using?

The gen2 keypad

After powering on the device, press and hold the #1 button for ~3 seconds. Release the button and the device will enter Classic inclusion mode which implements both classic inclusion with a Node Information Frame, and Network Wide Inclusion. During Classic Inclusion mode, the green Connection LED will blink three times followed by a brief pause, repeatedly. When Classic inclusion times-out, the device will blink alternating red and green a few times.


  1. place the controller into Remove or “Z-Wave Exclusion” mode.
  2. Locate the pinhole reset button on the back of the device.
  3. With the controller in Remove (Z-Wave Exclusion) mode, use a paper clip or similar object and tap the pinhole button. The device’s Connection LED turns on solid red to indicate the device was removed from the network.
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See the post linked below and the reply below that. The catch is once you do that it is no longer a supported Ring alarm and is completely off of their environment. It seems like that is your goal. I haven't been willing to try it.

You need to remove all devices from the Ring alarm first so only the base station is in the list of Ring devices on the alarm. After that you should be able to make it join Hubitat as a secondary controller.

This might work but if @bcopeland hasn't managed to make it pair with Hubitat it may not be possible.

I think the caveat with this is that while the Ring Alarm Hub becomes a secondary controller in this scenario, it may not provide any benefit other than the ability to connect devices and possibly extend the zwave mesh in this configuration.

Hi @jimyouse, have you successfully completed the pairing. I read through a support post on rings forum and they basically are saying you won’t be able to connect ring devices to the base station if using as a secondary hub, which seems incorrect since the base station is Zwave alliance and therefore the process should work.

I’m just not wanting to exclude all my ring devices directly integrated to ring’s api then go through the process of including them to Hubitat and trying to connect the Ring base station just for it all to not work.

Would love to hear if anyone has already tried this.

I'm interested in connecting the two like so many other people here but I did not try to pair my Ring alarm to Hubitat. Like you, I didn't want to go through the process and and risk losing the connection to Ring for it not to work in the way I wanted.

I found that article and posted it here for anyone who was interested and willing to take the risk. We all have spare parts laying around. I thought someone might have a Ring alarm they are not using anymore and be willing to go through the process to see what happens.

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