Rheem Econet Sensor Alert


I have a Rheem water heater and recently had an event where the sensor was submerged. The Rheem app sent me a notification and I dealt with it. Now I'm wondering if the Rheem connection to HE gets those alerts in anyway. I looked around the app and couldn't see anything. Has anyone looked into this at all? Did I miss something?


I have been trying to maintain a driver and app for the Rheem econet water heater I have. I have not noticed the water sensor in any data gets sent.

You could look at the data in the logs and see if it is present with your water heater.


There's no local logs from my Rheem at all from today. Want me to enable debugging and trigger an alert or am I looking in the wrong place. (Still a little new to HE.)


Yes you would need to enable logging on the device (water heater) and the Rheem econet app.


Where is logging in the Rheem app? Can't seem to find it.


OMG, I have this econet nightmare. It constantly disconnected for over a year. I was ready to give up, called them and they finally admitted the transmitters had a defect and replaced mine free. Been much better, but the app is so limited.
Try going into settings and tap diagnostic info(on android anyway). You need to be next to the module tap the connect button to get diags.
There's also an alexa connection option, not sure if that would help to capture info.


There is a driver and app for HE that I published. Much better than the Rheem Android app.


Haha, I feel dumb. THAT app... Not the actual Rheem app. I'll enable that tonight and throw some water on the sensor to see what comes up in the logs.


I messaged you a bit of my logs. Perhaps that will help.


Anyone ever tried writing an app for the Aquanta (wifi) hot water heater controller? It's pretty handy and universal easy install on almost any water heater.