RGBW Zigbee Downlight Recommendations

Does anybody have a recommendation for a reliable and affordable source for Zigbee RGBW downlights? Most of the products on Amazon are Wifi, very cheaply made, and are questionable as to whether they can be installed safely and to code. When I did my initial install I used Sylvania (OSRAM) 5/6 downlights and they work fairly well (have to be conscious of timing). I was buying them 10 at a time for $10 each. Now the new and improved version is $50 each. I could stomach double, or even triple the cost, but 5 times. Lets not talk about the price of Hue. I haven't been able to find a place to get these in quantity. I am trying to avoid floods, because I don't think they look as well indoors.

I just ordered the new Lifx downlights. If they're the same quality as their other bulbs they should be fantastic.

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