RGBW Strip Light/Controller Automation

I have a z-wave Controller (Zooz ZEN31) for a RGBW light Strip that I would like to automate a slow rotation/transition of selected colors (7 or 8) . I have created controller-only scenes that have different colors. Is there a way to program another scene that slowly transitions between the 7 or 8 different color scenes? I did see a way to transition between 2 scenes. Or am I going about this all wrong. Which may be the case.


Look at patterns plus from @bptworld . You can install bundle manager via Hubitat Package Manager to get it.

Great! thank you. I was poking around in the HPM for something but nothing stood out. I will give that a spin!


I am not able to find it on HPM. could it be under a different name?

This is my app not his.

in hpm use the keyword bundle. once bundle manager is installed, you can install it.

got it was able to to install the Bundle manager which led me to Patterns Plus. Now to get my head around those options :wink:

This looks like exactly what I'm looking for! TY!!

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