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I have 2 sets of Phillips Hue RGBW strips over my cabinets that i control with a schedule using simple lighting. Lights on 50% at 5AM, 75% at 6 AM, drop back to 50% at 9, back on bright around dinner time then 30% for the wee hours of the night. Simple lighting works easy to allow me to set the time and lighting level. The color is preset in the device menu for each of these RGBW strips so all i am controlling is the time and brightness in Simple Lighting. Im thinking i'd like to try and adjust the color during different times of the day. Does anyone know how to set the time, color setting and brightness? Trying to get optimal WAF and having a nice warm yellow in the AM and a nice rich blue in the evening would be awesome. Thanks in advance. Mac

The RGBW strip has a Phillips Hue Zigbee interface but im going direct from Hubitat to the device...not through the phillips hue bridge ( though i have 1...2 really if anyone wants one). Using a generic Zigbee RGBW Light driver

You didn't move it, you double-posted. :slight_smile: In any case, since no one answered you there...

I think what you're looking for can be done with Mode Lighting. Are you using Mode for anything else right now? If not, it's certainly available as an easy way you can create an automation like this. Even if you are, sensibly-timed modes you use for other things (and still can after this) are quite likely to work well for what you want regardless. I'd verify in Settings > Location and Modes > Modes that you have all modes set up that you'd want to use (the defaults may be fine, but I use Evening, Night, Morning, Day, and--new for me--Cloudy Day). Then use Mode Manager to configure the schedule on how your hub cycles through modes.

Once you get that done--or if you already have--then the Mode Lighting app should be able to do what you want.

PS - I'm not sure if Light Strips have been found to have the same problems as bulbs, but in general, be aware of the dangers of connecting most Zigbee smart bulbs directly to Hubitat if you have other kinds of Zigbee devices (outlets, motion sensors, etc.) on the same network. See the end of this document for why: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

Another option if you are like me and haven't implemented Modes yet is just creating rules in RM.
Your trigger would be a certain time, then in the actions you set your strips to yellow and whatever dim level. Do another rule for 5pm setting to blue. Those are both very simplistic and don't allow for any sort of off function, but depending on your comfort level with RM you could just create one rule to handle it all with if's and if-elses.
I am new to hubitat and probably most of my rules could be condensed by many of the guru's here, but just start playing and it all starts making a lot more sense. Just ask and post your rule and many are more than happy to help.
Also since you have the hue hub, listen to @bertabcd1234 and put your lights on it then link it to hubitat.

Appreciate the note...I haven't used mode manager but will give that a try this afternoon. Will report back...
Might also try rule manager too to see which is easier.


There is no competition: Mode Lighting (with Mode Manager) is easy. Rule Machine is hard. :slight_smile: But it's a tradeoff between ease of use and power, since Rule Machine will let you do nearly anything. Personally, I don't normally recommend that people start there unless they've verified a built-in app can't do what they want.

Good Morning. I have my mode manager set to change my lights. up....might be too elaborate but giving it a whirl. I have 7 modes set up b. For each of these modes i have mode lighting set up ( from motion lighting app) that triggers on a specific time. Question. While im working and setting levels, i'm looking for a way to set modes other than time. Is there a way to set a specific mode other than when the time triggers the mode change? Was trying to set up a dash board...but couldn't find mode on there as an option.
I could change the mode triggers to something else other than time.,....if thats the only way to achieve the ability to switch easily while setting up Thanks

As with many things in Hubitat, there are a lot of ways to change mode. :slight_smile: You can indeed use a Dashboard. The tile template you're looking for is called "mode," and there's no need to pick anything for a device (which I know can be confusing since that's what you're likely to see first).

However, lots of people use other ways, like a virtual switch. You can then turn this virtual switch on, either manually or via a voice assistant (Alexa, etc.), and you can configure Mode Manager to turn on the mode when that switch turns on.

thanks. I was able to get the mode into a dash board....for a min..i edited the modes and removed the default ones...then it piled up. Time for a reboot:)

Interesting. I cant get the modes to actually change the light settings. Hopefully i add the pictures in the right order.
As noted earlier..i created 7 different modes in settings / location-modes.
Then modes to trigger based on time unber apps / mode manager.
Then setup 7 discrete lighting settings based on the mode
Then set up a dashboard to change the mode so i could troubleshoot and tune in colors.
The problem is the lights do not change color or brightness regardless of which more i set in the dashboard.
Thoughts appreciated.

Looks like on your 1st screen shot you haven't defined what turns it on and off.

Not certain i had all the screen shots but they were all triggered by time. I ended up deleting all the commands and went with rule machine. Worked 1st try
Appreciate the reply though.

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