RGBW light on porch with switch

Currently, I have a Zwave dimmer switch controlling our Porch light. I really like real switches that will function if Hubitat is down.
I would like a Hue or other RGBW light so I can turn it orange for Halloween for example. I know I can wire around the existing Zwave switch and put Lutron Pico on the wall and control whatever bulb I pick with that.

Is there a bulb that doesn't need cloud, can have power turned off on it, and come back on at prior levels when power is applied and not need to be repaired with hubitat?

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The smart+ plus work fine for me and retain state thru a power outage. Also Kasa(wifi) bulbs work.

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i had trouble with the older sylvania trying to route and fff up my zigbee network.. are the newer ones better and not trying to route.. that is why all my color bulbs are currently hue for now.

Do the hue bulbs retain state through power outage?

Yes .. and no.. they an be set to turn on, or off, or last state, but that seems to be just on/off status no color. the color seem to reset to white after power outage

I am leaning toward trying to find complete cover for toggle light switch (replace Zwave dimmer with regular switch). Put Lutron Pico beside it to turn light on and off. If hubitat fails, I can remove cover.

None of my zigbee switches or bulbs or Zwave devices require "cloud" and my Hubitat works even when the WAN connection to the internet is down. That is the beauty of local vs cloud implementation.

The only time I can think of where HE is down is during a reboot or when there is no power to my HE unit. Since I keep my Wifi router and HE on a battery backup, the automations run regardless Although, if there is no power, the lights themselves won't work anyway. The devices that are mains powered won't work. But, anything that runs on batteries still communicates just fine.

Yes they do, the bulbs must be running on a hue hub and have updated firmware

I do exactly this with Lutron Auroras connected to the hue hub and accessed in the Hubitat through the Cocohue integration

So I replaced Zwave dimmer switch with regular switch. Have not add Pico, and may not. Automations pretty much cover the porch light. The switch will turn light to last level, but if automation had turned it off, switch can't overcome that. I have Wallmotes in living room, and have programmed one button for Porch light. If hubitat were go down, I still have hue app on phone.

I'm pretty happy with this solutions. Thanks all.

i dont think so at least mine dont as i said partially. yes they come back on or turn off but they dont appear to preserve what color setting they had.

Yes, the older bulbs are junk, those linked above are the newer ones and have been good. HOWEVER the A19's tend to go bad, and I just tried to RMA 2 of them and Ledvance tells me they have ZERO zigbee stock, just wifi/bluetooth devices.
I have about 6 extras, at 7-10.00 each I can't complain. There is one guy on Ebay selling new ones, that HE lists as "Gen2" those also work well, but longevity is not yet determined. the model is "75564" but the UPC on the box is for the older model73693 UPC=046135736933. When I emailed Ledvance about the 75564 model, they had no idea, and said "maybe a newer model". I still have to track down the FCC info, as I'm curious about the innards. For how little I actually use color, I'm not going to pay Hue 50.00 for a lightbulb. I'll bang 2 rocks together first

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