RGBW Controller - Anyone know when replacement for Zooz Zen31 will be available?

I purchased 1 Zooz Zen31 RGBW controller and have yet to connect it to our Hubitat (home remodel scheduled to start in April). I need 2 and was planning to purchase the 2nd one after testing the one I received but they promptly went out of stock.
After researching, it looks like these use a 500 series chipset and I read somewhere that it will be discontinued "soon". I'm guessing that has happened. Anyone know the plan moving forward for these controllers?
Any other RGBW controller available and compatible with Hubitat C-8? It feels like many of them have been discontinued in order to release new ones based on newer z-wave chipsets??

If you don't mind using Zigbee... I have several of these. They work flawlessly, are cost effective and readily available. Look for "GLEDOPTO Zigbee3.0 RGBCCT LED Strip Controller" on the online retailer of your choice. Like Amazon...

Thanks! It certainly is priced nicely. I'm hoping to stick with z-wave but may test that one.

Maybe it's "any day now" on the new one? The current Zen31 is out of stock at the Smartest House and Amazon...

Official response from Zooz support:

We have discontinued the ZEN31 but are working on a new RGBW Dimmer. We currently do not have an ETA.

If you contact support and request it, they'll add you to the waitlist for the new dimmer.

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Dang that should be a fun driver. Hopefully I can use my mostly complete ZEN31 driver and convert it to this new thing they are working on!

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Check out the Fibaro RGBW Controller 2. Hubitat sees it as the Zooz Zen31 when connected.

Thanks. I did end up buying a Fibaro and, from what I can tell, Zooz rebranded it as theirs. Seems to be exactly the same as the Zen31.

Yes the ZEN31 was made by Fibaro, it says so right on it. The firmware is customized but not sure what if anything is actually different between them.