RGBGenie Zigbee Remotes - Problems

I'm trying to get two RGBGenie remotes working. Having some problems.

  1. Remote ZB-5001 using RGBGenie Button Controller Driver:
    Shown as having 10 buttons (12 in reality). The 5 group buttons (on/off, hold /release) are recognized correctly.
    Pressing the All On/Off buttons at top , I get variable responses. They don't seem to be recognized as independent buttons. They will generate the same numbers as one or more of the individual group buttons. For instance, the group on buttons generate 1,3,5, 7, or 9. Pressing the "1" button at top, it will sometimes report 7, sometimes report 9, sometimes report multiple numbers in sequence. It doesn't seem to be predictable though.

  2. Remote ZB-5004 - 4 groups, 2 scenes
    Driver RGBGenie ZB-5004 doesn't work at all. It shows as having 2 buttons and no buttons are recognized.
    Using the generic driver (same as above), it says there are 8 buttons - corresponding to the 4 group buttons. Those 4 are recognized (on and off, hold and release). The Scene 1/2 buttons are not recognized at all. The all on/off buttons at top behave similarly as with the 5001 - different numbers are reported with each press.

These are remotes I just purchased recently.

The 5004 shows this firmware:


The 5001 shows this firmware:

correct, they aren't separate button id's this is a function of the device.
pressing the top on button should generate button events 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9
pressing the top off button should generate button events 2, 4, 6 and 10

This device works a little differently, the two buttons are assigned to the two scene buttons on the remote.
The driver should create 4 child dimmers that will follow the state of the 4 on/off buttons.
The fingerprint you provided doesn't match (Sunricher vs RGBGenie) the device that the 5004 driver was written for and the driver will not work correctly unless that driver is selected when the device is included.
I'll add the fingerprint you provided to the 5004 driver, but I can't verify if it will work with the Sunricher device or not.
The update will be in the next release which will probably be out sometime tomorrow.


Thank you! I wrote to the RGBGenie folks about it too - I was curious what they'd say about the different fingerprint.

Sean Gnant is a Hubitat user - so you can also reach him at @Gnant

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Just checking in -saw there was a platform update but no mention of this driver. Assuming not yet updated?

it was forgot, the notes

Sorry - meaning it was updated, just forgot to put in notes? Or forgot to update it? :slight_smile:

^ this

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So I noticed the driver chosen this time was the RGBGenie Wireless Dimmer Switch and not the ZB-5004 driver.
And the great news is it works perfectly! The primary device responds to the scene switch (including hold/release) and the 4 child devices created respond as dimmers.
Thank you!!!

The ZB-5001 I previously installed used the RGBGenie Button Controller driver, which doesn't create child drivers. That's actually okay with me because I'd like to use the button actions to drive actions/rules rather than just to dim lights.
My question is whether these are "interchangeable" in the sense that if you don't want the group buttons to act as dimmers you can choose the button controller driver for either switch and vice versa - or if the ZB-5001 only will work with the Button Controller and the 5004 will only work with the dimmer. And what about the ZB-5004 driver, which is still available?

As you noted you can use 5004 with the button controller driver but you will loose the scene buttons.

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Got it.
And could you use the 5001 with the dimmer driver if you wanted the child devices to act like dimmers?

Is the ZB-5004 driver now superseded or deprecated then?


I don't have one of these, but shouldn't there be 5 child devices created, each of which uses the Generic Component Dimmer driver?

What driver do they use?

Also, FWIW, AFAIK, drivers cannot be changed on child devices.

The 5004 has 4 groups and one scene switch, so it has 4 child devices.
I was asking if the same driver could be used with the 5001 which has 5 group switches (dimmers).

I was talking about changing the device driver for the parent device - not for the individual child devices.

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Hi Mike - Not sure if you responded to my previous question fully. The RGBgenie Wireless DImmer Switch driver works with the ZB-5004 and creates 4 child devices for the dimmers. I was wondering if it would also work with the ZB-5001 which has 5 group switches/dimmers. I was hoping that switching to that driver would create 5 child devices but it doesn't. Is that possible in any way?
Since the ZB-5001 is similar to the 5004 - but has 5 dimmers instead of 4 dimmers and one scene switch - it would make sense to be able to create the child devices similarly.

@mike.maxwell I've been struggling with using the ZB-5004 child devices created by the Wireless Dimmer Switch driver. I've done a lot of experimenting and here's the issue:
The child devices (dimmers) work properly as the primary controller.
However, I need to find a way to mirror or bind them with other changes to the device being controlled. I've tried the built-in Mirror app, Device Mirror Plus and Switch Binding app. In all cases, the state of the RGBgenie child device is not updated when the light is changed directly - via the UI or via the primary device. Neither the on/off state nor the dim level gets updated.
As a result, if the light is turned off by another means, the remote thinks it's still on and won't send an on command unless you first click off. It also means that it will return to the last dim level on the remote rather than the last dim level on the device.
I've tried various settings on the 3 mirroring apps mentioned above: I've tried setting the remote as slave or master or neither (in the case of the Switch Binding app). I've even tried using one app to mirror in one direction and a different app to mirror in the opposite direction. In all cases, the remote child devices are not updated.

This is not possible as the actual state of these attributes are contained within the device and are not readable or writeable they are only reportable.
So changing the child device states by other means would cause them to be out of sync with the remote and this would cause other issues.

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So there's no way to use any of the mirroring apps to keep the remote state in sync with the device being controlled? I thought this was the purpose of mirroring or syncing switches. Is this something particular to these remotes as opposed to a regular dimmer switch? Just trying to understand the difference.

Thats correct and also the case with any device thats a button controller.
Think of these devices as being like your IR tv remote...


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