RGBGenie ZB-5028 and Inovelli LZW45

Ok maybe i am trying something that ultimately won't work.

But i have a set of LZW45 lights in my young daughters room that work great. Everything works as we want, and adding function the a dashboard gives control. Trouble is we have a "no cell phone in bedroom" house rule. So she can't really control and customize them.

I got a RGBGenie on a whim to try. i have it paired zigbee, i bound one of the child controllers from to the LZW45 in Mirror Me. The on/off works, but nothing else. In logs, the hue, sat, ect all show up, as well as the scene bottons (i am sure i can trigger scene, just havent tried). But i what i really want is for her to control color and brightness. But only on/off and scene is all i see working.

Any advice? Doomed to fail? Is there something else that hand held that could allow her to control the color? If all i wanted us on/off and a few scenes, i would just use a pico.

Any other options?