RGBGenie ZB-5028 and Inovelli LZW45

Ok maybe i am trying something that ultimately won't work.

But i have a set of LZW45 lights in my young daughters room that work great. Everything works as we want, and adding function the a dashboard gives control. Trouble is we have a "no cell phone in bedroom" house rule. So she can't really control and customize them.

I got a RGBGenie on a whim to try. i have it paired zigbee, i bound one of the child controllers from to the LZW45 in Mirror Me. The on/off works, but nothing else. In logs, the hue, sat, ect all show up, as well as the scene bottons (i am sure i can trigger scene, just havent tried). But i what i really want is for her to control color and brightness. But only on/off and scene is all i see working.

Any advice? Doomed to fail? Is there something else that hand held that could allow her to control the color? If all i wanted us on/off and a few scenes, i would just use a pico.

Any other options?

I was only able to get that stuff to work via webcore, using the switch the lights are connected to, push buttons to control scenes. Is that what you’re asking about?

thank you

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