RGBGenie ZB-3027

I have had RGBGenie products for several years. Unfortunately, at some point in 2021 or 2022 the touch panel completely stopped responding or at least changing the lighting to the scene/color desired. If I look at the logs it shows a configure error. However, clicking on the configure button in the device in Hubitat C-7 does absolutely nothing. This is very frustrating. For about a year it worked reasonably well. We were away from the residence for a year and when we returned the touch controller had totally stopped causing changes to the desired state of the leds.

I finally deleted the controller as well as the three dimmers (zb-1025) from my Hubitat. When I tried to re-install the device I discovered there is no RGBGenie ZB-3027 device. The closest compatible device was ZB-5027, which I am guessing is the latest version of the product.

I factory reset the 3027 and re-paired it with the Hubitat. The Hubitat found it right away and I can manually change colors by changing the colors within the Device in Hubitat. That is not exactly how it is supposed to work. Touchscreen capabilities are still non-functional except to perform a factory reset. Even the power button does not turn off the LEDs. This is quite frustrating. I am not a programmer, I just want my devices to work as expected.

To create more confusion the Device Details list this device as RGBgenie ZB-1025, which is the model number of the dimmers I have. So, is Hubitat pairing with one of the dimmers instead of the wall controller??? I did not attempt to pair any of the three dimmers with the Hubitat after removing them from the hub (I didn't push the PROG button because they are not easily accessible).