RGBgenie Controller ZB-5122 phantom button 5 presses on 2.3.3+

Since the 2.3.3 release I've had problems with all of my RGBgenie Controller ZB-5122 devices; button 5 is automatically pushed every 10 minutes.

Here's what the logs look like after the update. The same is happening on 3 other ZB-5122 devices:

Here's what the logs look like if I scroll back to the next page of logs which were from before the update:

I tried debugging this and I can make the automatic button presses stop if I change to use the ZB-512x driver instead of the ZB-5122 driver. That won't work long term because buttons 1, 2 and 3 don't register with the ZB-512x driver; only buttons 4 and 5 work with ZB-512x.

Does a reboot have any effect?
Can you send me a hub id? I can take a look at the engineering logs on the hub.

It kept happening across the few updates after 2.3.3 and I just did a clean reboot now to double confirm that it persists across reboot. I'll send you a message with the hub id, thanks for taking a look!

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