RGB W WW Strip Controller

I think this is like searching for the holy grail. I have 7 GLEPOPT controllers (007 2 ID) which will only work through hue hub .
Long story short, I'm ready to throw out all the controllers. Hue HUB died and I don't want to get another one.
Is there a solid controller for LED strip with R,G,B,W,WW Leads that integrates simply with hubitat?

Why not just use the 1ID version? I have a couple of those and they work great.

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I was going to suggest a Gidealed RGBWW controller I got from Amazon that works fine directly with Hubitat, but then I realized you wanted one with leads. The Gidealed has a 6 pin connector.

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Well.. that is what I'm getting at. Buying something new. The ones I have , have been less that good. I can't even reset a few of them to eb able to re-use them. So GLEDOPTO is bottom of my choice list right now.

My understanding when researching a controller was that people recommend the gledopto 1ID specifically because it works well with hubitat. I've read a bunch of threads where people said not to get the 2ID for hubitat?


Fwiw my gledopto controller/strip/power-supply combo kits have also been working flawlessly for months.

GLEDOPTO Smart ZigBee 3.0 LED Strip Controller Kit RGBCCT with Three Button Controller 2M IP20 Light Strip Compatible with SmartThings Amazon Alexa App Voice RF Remote Control… https://a.co/d/fwC880t

I use the kits for smaller areas with short runs. My 1ID controllers are for 20+ foot runs on kitchen cabinets where I wanted full 24v power.


If you have a HUES Hub the 2ID works well through that I found. I'm expanding the devices and range in my house. I don't want to stick in another hues hub .

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