RGB Lighting for a childs room

Hey all,

I've just got my Hubitat and it's amazing so far!

My youngest (6yrs old) has got a bayonet version of this cheap RGBLED bulb in her room which appears to be RF/IR operated.

She's moving into another room in the house as part of some work we're having done, and that means that she loses the socket in the ceiling that this bulb is currently connected to as that entire room is currently lit by standard recessed GU-10's.

She'd like to keep the RGB functionality, so before I put that bulb into her bedside light, is there a good way that I can get RGB GU-10's that talk to Hubitat for my control, have an "on/off" switch (or equivalent) that fits into a standard UK back box, and is easy for her to control the colours?

I know I'm asking a lot here, but the research I've done so far is very much inconclusive around what is appropriate for a young child to use!

Thanks in advance

I have a fairly cheap LED strip, and a Zigbee plug socket on the end. This is controlled by a button near my sons bed, and just toggles the plug.

The LED strip itself remembers the last colour etc, and it has a remote if he wants to change the colour.

We also have it setup as a night light. Goes on when he goes to bed, and switches off at 30 mins to sunrise. Works a treat.

Switch wise, an Xiaomi switch would work and pretty cheap (all my switches are double Xiaomi switches). Best with a 45mm patress though. If you installed a double switch, one can work as a smart switch as it powers both switches even if only using one gang.

Fantastic, thanks, I'll look into this.

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OK, I've solved this.

I've put an Echo Dot into her room and connected it to a MiLight/LimitlessLED bulb that I had lying around.

I've configure the echo to be in the same group as the bulb in the Alexa app, so all she needs to do is say things like alexa, light on, alexa,light off, or alexa, light <colour> and it changes accordingly.

It also means I can dim it at night so that she can't set it so bright that she can't sleep! :smiley:

This solves the issue in her current room as the main bulb on a pendant fitting, but also solves it in future rooms where I can just put the existing bulb into a bedside light.

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