RGB Led Control, MQQT? NodeMCU?


Has any one used a NodeMCU to control Addressable LED light strips and then integrated with HE?

Or is there a better way to do it?

I already have a NodeMCU and 10m of LEDs, so I do not think I would need much else.

I want to lights arround my bed (because I have the mental age of a 10year old) that will do cool effects, aswell as flag events, for example front door open then flash red.

This is more of a learning project than anyhthing else.

thank you.

Aircookie WLED is supposed to be good to run on a NodeMCU for this. It has support for plenty of effects.

Tasmota for HE can also be used but the supported number of effects are fewer and may be slower.

@jchurch which driver were you using for WLED? The one that requires MQTT?

cheers for the info.

I was thinking FastLED.... but just watched DrZzzs WLED youtube., so now going down this route. I done a quick search and see there is a Aircookie WLED BETA driver.

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Great you beat me to it. Enjoy mate!!