RGB Genie ZB-5122 Not working

This device doesn't seem to work properly, even though it seems to pair.
Can someone help?

  1. I did a Factory reset twice. I then did a pair, and got the following screen:
  2. On the Device Page:

3. However, it is now fully unresponsive to any commands, and this is the Device Events page:

4. Device Data:

I can't even Push it on.
Here is the log:

you don't send commands to these, they can only produce commands.
One easy way to use this device is to use the mirror app, select this controller as the source device, and the devices you wish to control as the destination devices.

how do you factory reset this device? i cannot find the info online anywhere

I found the manual for the ZB-5122 that I have. Here is a dropbox link to it.....

Hope this helps

@Sakman thank you so much!. unfortunately even after following the instructions, i cannot reset this device to repair it to the hub. I'm over these switches

I understand your frustration. You might try reaching out to RGBgenie support. When I had a problem and had to return an item they were very helpful.

Did you do a factory reset? I have had to do this multiple times on my similar 5121 remote.

@neonturbo I followed these instructions that you posted and the PDF mark with no luck. When I just press an hold the power on button (the lightbulb with rays icon) the LED light never blinks, it starts solid. Regardless I press the on button 5 times. Nothing... I tried with the off button (the light bulb with no rays icon) nothing. Every combination I can think of I got no result

This was killing me that I cound NOT find a solution on the net, so I decided to post it here to help out others once I proved this worked 5 times in a row.


Hold down the ON and OFF (two bottom buttons) until the LED is solid green. Immediately tap the ON button 5 times. Not fast, just steady, 1,2,3,4,5. The LED should blink 3 times (mine did it 2 blinks), indicating its removed from the network. to PAIR it. Once hub is in Zigbee Pairing mode. Press and hold the ON and OFF button for about 5 seconds until the LED is solid green, immediate tap the bottom OFF button just once. The LED will short blink until paired then fast blink once paired.