RGB+CCT strips, controller with sunrise effect?

I have two trays in a bedroom that are perfect for a sunrise effect wake up light. I'd like to use RGB+CCT strips so they can also produce a nice white at other times. I have RGB and rgbw in the house already, and I have wled controllers. The effects are great and I love wled, but it doesn't look like I can get a wled board to support RGB+CCT right now. I prefer white light at 3500k and the rgbw strips I've tried are just terrible at that. I know there's some gledopto controllers that even have hubitat drivers, but what about the effects? The sunrise effect specifically. Any other options or suggestions? Wifi, ZigBee, z-wave, MQTT, doesn't matter. Would just rather not have to open a third party app to get the sunrise effect.

For RGB+CCT strips I use the Gledopto 2ID controllers. They work great. I do have them connected to HE via my Hue controller.

I haven't tried to do a sunrise effect, but I expect after some thought and experimentation I could construct a rule to create the sunrise effect.

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