RFX433 integration (somfy remotes via domoticz)

I'm moving all my smartthings stuff over. I've got most of the zigbee and zwave done, plus moving alexa, sonos etc ... but ...

As part of my HA set up, I also have some somfy blinds which i have integrated using an RFX433 (USB) controlled via Domoticz.

A kind soul had previously written drivers to enable domoticz<->smartthings integration, so i could also control my somfy blinds via smartthings (via domoticz/433 rf gw).

Has anyone achieved the same with Hubitat? If so, what approach have you taken?

Whilst I have written / modded smartthings DTHs / Apps etc, I'm not ready to do that with Hubitat yet.

Would be great if anyone can help.


May want to look at this thread to see if it will work for you:

Do you still need help with this - I’m still using the Domoticz ST plug-in that I’ve ported over to HE?

Hi Guy, yes that would be great ... i took an alternative interim route by using MQTT but that adds a 'middleman' which I'd like to avoid
Can you share your code perchance?


No problem, I've dropped the code here on GitHub, it has the SmartApp (aka Application Code) and a DTH (aka Driver) for Blinds (note that my blinds are inverted so you may need to switch the 'def on' to closed and 'def off' to open (lines 37 and 39) on the Driver. All credit for the original driver and code goes to Martin Verbeek who originally created the code for ST.

I also use the RFX433e as a receiver for my Byron Doorbell push (which is tied using a web hook from Domoticz to a virtual switch in Hubitat via Maker API) so that when someone presses the doorbell Alexa announces someone is at the door - I didn't want a video doorbell, but wanted a smarter alternative to a simple bell push. Thought you may be interested, as an owner of an RFX433e.

Hope that works for you, give me a shout if not.