Reviving a Kwikset 912 passage set

I am stuck with a Kwikset Z-wave passage set. I mean it's not a deadbolt; it has a handle on it, and buttons for a combination. It is the ONLY Z-Wave device I have that drives me batty.

The issue is, I want to try to get it on line again. It shows in my device list, but has no responses at all. In the Z-Wave table it's the only thing that gives refresh, replace, or remove. Nothing seems to revive it.

![Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 4.12.38 PM|690x437]

What makes this all the more infuriating: Both Kwikset and Hubitat instructions say I have to have the HE within a foot of the lockset to get it going. I want to stay Kwikset so it matches the rest of my doors.

Has anyone any workarounds for this? I'd just as soon this be a Zigbee device, but finding a Zigbee Kwikset passage set (series 910 for example) is just not possible. No stock I am able to find, and Amazon insists I really want a Z-Wave device.

There's probably no way around the proximity requirement; you might need to remove the lock from the door if you can't get the hub close enough. Barrier devices use low radio power during inclusion, and exclusion hardly ever works through the mesh. Once you do get the devices close, you should be able to exclude and re-include it.

Of course once it's in its final location it will need to be within normal range of the hub (or have a nearby beaming neighbor-- most powered Z-Wave devices built in the last several years do support beaming).

I have a Zigbee Kwikset 912 which has been stellar. Kind of shocking that they are apparently not stocked anymore. The only listing I could find (aside from a used Ebay Control4 variant, which is incompatible) is here:

The outfit seems legit and the 'add to cart' button is there, but I suspect it's not really in stock (doesn't show an 'In Stock' blob like most of their other items do).

I converted my 914 from z wave with this:
I pulled the zigbee module card out of it and and swapped with the z wave module its been great. I am not sure the modules are the same for the 912 or not but it might be worth a shot.

This kind of indicates the module would be compatible:


I've been looking around, and virtually nothing is to be had. Moving the lockset close to the hub is an idea, but, that little plug with those really thin wires are not all that compatible with hands the size of paws.

This morning, I took the "head end" off the door, forced a removal from HE, did a factory reset on the head end, and re-joined it. It joined in just a few seconds; it is back on the door, and working like a charm.

I thank each and all of you for helping out; I won't be able to get a Zigbee version of the lock itself, or that circuit board for the foreseeable future, so I am hoping it remains on good behavior.


They are legit. Although from a prior experience (not a smart home device) I would agree re: being skeptical that adding an item to the cart = immediately available to ship (got the item I needed from them eventually though).

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