Retrofit jimmy proof single cylinder lock

What can I use to keep the current mechanism for this lock and just have something unlock it electronically that can be added to hubitat, local, ifttt or otherwise.

It would be awful cumbersome but I think any watershutoff mechanism that adapts to the existing valve would work. Google "zwave water shut off"

Other than the above, you would have to build a mechanism from parts you could find at a Robot website. If this is your decided path there are a number of fairly simple high level Hubitat communication options.

Additional thought: Have you considered an automated deadbolt. While its not technically jimmy proof, it would be as strong as your door frame.

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Just an FYI this style of lock is super old and doesn't have really any security features more modern locks support. This style of lock is the first one I learned to pick and it took me 20 seconds on my first try. I have yet to find any keyed lock that couldn't be picked in a minute or less. Most keyed locks can be picked in 3 or 4 seconds if you're good.

They’re pretty common in NYC.

Having looked around myself for several years now, I agree with @JohnRob there’s unlikely to be anything entirely off the shelf that would automate these.

A water valve shutoff could easily apply enough force for the thumb turns on those locks though.

And since we’re probably about to all go on covid lock down again, you wouldn’t even have to explain to any guests WTF that thing sitting on top of your deadbolt is :rofl:.

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