Retrieve Text File or URL for entire C7 Setup?

If my C7 goes belly up and I have to recreate all the rules/devices on another unit, is there a way to export some type of list of my entire setup? Like maybe a text file or URL or something similar?

Sounds like you're asking about hub backups, which are available (though not in plain text): Backup and Restore - Hubitat Documentation. Or, in short, look at Settings > Back Up and Restore.

Do note that some things are not included in these backups, as noted in this article: File Manager files are excluded, for one. Also, f you're restoring to a different hub, your Zigbee network ID will change and devices will need to be re-paired (but the hub will recognize them as the same device, so little work beyond that should be required; I assume this is something they wanted to be able to do but the radio they're using probably doesn't support what would be needed to make it work). Z-Wave devices will need to be re-paired like new and then swapped out (manually or via Settings > Swap Apps Device), or the optional Hub Protect subscription does include a Z-Wave radio backup and option to restore.

If you just want to "back up" a specific app, you can use the import/export feature available on the App Status page (gear icon in the top right of the app, or next to the app on the Apps page). This can be imported to the same hub or another hub (or "restored" to the same hub). This output is technically JSON-like text, but it is not intended for human editing, so that's really just an incidental fact. :slight_smile:

I'm aware of backup/restore and use it via my subscription and locally.

But it is my understanding that if you replace the hub for whatever reason, a Restore will not bring back pairing (Z-Wave). Which means all RM's using the "old" Node IDs will no longer work.

That is half correct. As I mentioned above and as can be found in the linked article, Hub Protect subscription includes a Z-Wave backup, and if restored to a new hub, will bring back the Z-Wave devices (same, I suppose, with the same hub after a radio reset, though I'm not sure why you'd do that just to do this). A local backup will not. Zigbee is the same either way and not included per se, but re-pairing those devices is a lot easier than Z-Wave because the hub has all the information it needs to match the "old" devices with the "new" ones, so the re-pair should be all (not swapping out in apps, etc.). It should also be noted that all backups include the device list, so these issues relate solely to radio/hub communication with these devices.

As a side note, apps, including rules, do not reference Z-Wave node IDs directly; they use the Hubitat hub-database-assigned device ID. This isn't generally a specific detail anyone would need to be concerned with, but I suppose it's worth mentioning. (The Swap Apps Device feature I mentioned above swaps these hub IDs and does not care about protocol, node ID, or other details, though it should be noted that parent/child devices won't work with it, a feature some multi-channel devices might use. An import or clone, as mentioned above, will also let you swap references to one ID with references to another in that specific app when importing or cloning, again not caring about protocol.)


Thanks for the explanation. Another good feature for me to maintain my subscription.

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