Retractive switches for lights

This may seem like a stupid question, but here it is...

Can I only use retractive switches with relays that have been added into the wall?

As a beginner, I was under the impression I could either buy whole, replacement smart switches (like Yagusmart, for example), with everything in one unit, OR, relays that I could add in behind existing normal switches, which would make them smart.

I've not seen it mentioned anywhere (unless I've missed it) that switches could only be retractive for use with added relays. Maybe it's an obvious assumption I should have made, but I'm no electrician or electronics expert. After an email exchange with an engineer from one of the relay manufacturers, it seems it's the case.

I'd appreciate it if anyone would be kind enough to clear this up for me!

Depends on the manufacturer Fibaro allow you to use either.

Retractive Switch's are better imho as its easier to dim and set scenes

Hi Niall,

Might want to find out how your house lights are wired first, older houses in the UK are wired without a neutral, newer with.

That would dictate what kind of switch or relay you would be able to use, if you're lucky you're living in a newer house, and if this is the case, the world's your oyster and you should be able to select from a plethora of manufacturers.

If, like me, you're living in an older gaff, your options are somewhat more limited.

Hope that's helpful,