Resume rules not working

I am trying to set a rule with an action to resume a rule (Basic Rule), but none of my rules are displaying when trying to set that as the action. The dropdown list is not populating anything, including "this rule".

Is this a bug?

Interesting. I've never tried this before, but my list of Basic Rules is also blank when I choose the "Resume Rules" action:

However, if I choose "Pause Rules," everything populates as expected. Basic Rule is pretty new, so maybe there's some problem with the Rule 4.1 code that retrieves this list for "Resume" (even though "Pause") is correct. Tagging @bravenel to see if there's anything more he'd need to look into this.

(Rule 4.1 on for me, not sure about OP.)

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Typo found. Fix in next release.


Thanks. I'm new to hubitat. How often do updates go out? Are they automatic or would I need to run a manual update? How would I be notified one is available?

You will be notified. They come out every month or two, depending on what we're up to... Next release in a few weeks...

Then, you choose when to do an update. Right after a major release (e.g., 2.2.8 coming next), there will be a few 'hot fix' releases in the days following, as things are discovered and fixed that are not caught in alpha and beta testing.

Hi there,
I run the (latest) release ( I wrote a script that pauses "this rule. When resuming the rule, "this rule does not appear in the dropdown list. I have attached a screenshot.
Thanks for any suggestions or fixes.

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That's because since the rule is paused, it cannot possibly resume itself.

Thank you for you quick response.
Maybe you can provide advice/best approach to the following issue I try to solve:

If I understand it right, a rule can be triggered in parallel by multiple events. I would like the rule to force the rule to ignore any other events when the rule process the first event. I thought it could be done by pausing the rule when I start processing this first event and resuming the rule at the end of the processing step.

Thank you,

You can do this with Required Expression and Private Boolean, like this:

Required Expression:  Private Boolean true
Trigger:  whatever your triggers are
   Set Private Boolean to false (prevents any further triggering for now)
   your other actions
   Set Private Boolean to true (allows future triggers again)

Thank you!!

i was using pause resume but had issues also now i just use a virtual switch instead.. for me it has been more reliable and just check in the rule the switch status.