Restricting access to specific device or dashboard

I know this has been discussed in several threads before. But time has passed and new features have arrived to HE with the mobile app. So maybe there's a better way now.
I would like to ask again:

is it possible to restrict users access a specific device orr dashboard.
It is mostly discussed in the concept of dashboards but I would also ask if possible to restrict access based on device.

I want the user to be able to use HE mobile app with its geofencing and notification features.
So I can not do it by giving specific dashboard URL.

any possibility of restricting access to dashboard/device ? (maybe with an additional password ?)

If you go to the Apps tab, select a dashboard child app there, and expand the Advanced section you should see the option to require a PIN to load the dashboard as well as options to require PINs for HSM and Mode tiles within the dashboard if desired.


thanks. this is a good solution.

is there any way that we can skip pin entrance on a client which has already entered pin ?

Don’t know of a way to do that once you leave the dashboard.

I know this is an older thread but closest thing I can find to my issue. I have one dashboard where I wanted to put a temporary PIN on Mode and HSM changes. Worked fine. Now I want to remove that and stop requiring the pin. I deleted the Pin in the advanced section and it no longer shows in setting however the dashboard itself continues to require the PIN. I don't seem to be able to cancel this action. Am I overlooking something?