I feel that it is really very unfortunate that you removed the display status of a rule as Restricted or not from the rule itself. I understand why you removed it from the list, because that would not be updated correctly. But now it also doesn't not display when you open up the actual rule. Where on the settings page (or whatever you call it) do I find where the rule is restricted or not?!? It feels like I know have to be even better at figuring out what that page means to be able to use Rule Machine at all.
Big step backwards IMHO. Please bring it back!!!

I did like it when it was accurate.
On the rule edit page it seemed to be ok.
I get the removing for avoiding confusion.
I even posted asking for clarification one time.

Maybe it will come back when it can update more accurately.

Like I said, I understand not being on the list but why not on the top of the rule when you open it up. It was always accurate then.

Yup, edited that in.
Hopefully something better will replace it sooner than later.

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