Restrict Access to Switches and Lights

Is there any way to restrict switches, lights and other devices from being controllable through the cloud/mobile app? Currently all switches and lights are accessible to everyone who has the mobile app installed, which is not desirable.

Not at this time.

For the users that you want to restrict access to devices, do they also need the mobile app’s geolocation feature, for presence-based automations?


If this is correct, then use a different method to determine presence, like Life360.

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Yep, there are several solutions for geolocation if it’s needed.

If one wants to give certain users access to specific devices, a better solution might be a dashboard created for that purpose and shared directly with that person as a url.

From a mobile browser window, they can then save the dashboard link to their home screen and it’ll be accessible anytime in a manner that feels pretty app-like.


You could always have a "master" dashboard that is PIN protected, and a "user" version that is not. You would have more dashboards, but this way you could have different access than anyone else.

You could even customize a dash with a separate PIN per user, so Tommy has one, and Suzy has a different one.

Probably not exactly what you want, but an option nonetheless.

Thanks for all your suggestions.
I really like Hubitat, but there really need to be proper user and permission controls implemented on the hub itself. Right now the cloud component is a liability, rather than an asset.

Please explain how this might look? What permission controls do you want implemented, in other words would this be per device, per dashboard, something else? It would be interesting to know how you envision things, and you haven't given many details of what you feel is missing.