Restoring to another hub for cloning

Hey all,
Another question. I want to use another C7 hub to move off some of the apps and integrations off of my main C7 hub (no z devices, as all those are on another C8 hub). The question is, so I don’t have to redo everything fresh on the new C7 hub, can I restore the back from my main C7 on to a new C7 and then just remove what I don’t need from each hub? Or, if I restore, it effective will take place of the old hub and the old hub has to be shut down?
If I’m able to do this, any gatchyas I need to be aware of?

If there are no devices on the hub, then a backup should work. I use a C7 hub as a rules hub. Like yours there are no Z-wave or Zigbee devices on it. Just rules and some virtual and cloud devices.

I put a backup of that hub on a spare C7 to see if I could just do a swap if the rules hub went down. It's been awhile but the only issue I remember having was getting the IP set on the new replacement hub. I had to update my router so it would assign the correct IP to the new hub.


Got ya - thank for the reply. Yes, no zwave or zigbee devices there, only virtual and integration devices such as hue and Lutron, which I will keep on the original. The only devices I want to move over are wink relays.