Restoring a z-wave device without power recycling (C8 Hub)

I have a GE Enbrighten z-wave dimmer switch that controls track lights.
Every once in a while, the device will not respond to a Repair or Refresh command in settings, and the only thing that brings it back to being responsive is a power cycle.
THere are other devices on the same circuit that I would rather not power recycle.

Is there any alternative to getting this device to respond again?

If its a dimmer it should have an air-gap on it (I think it is required). Pull that and push back in to cycle just that device.

There is probably no other way to bring it back, sounds like the device itself is locking up.

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I have this problem intermittently with my Homeseer dimmers. While puling the gap switch works, I didn't have this problem when I used Homeseer's HS4 software as my hub. I am using a custom driver to get easy access to more of the features. That may be the reason. I've also noticed that when rule machine runs a rule and hits just one that is having an issue...anything after that with commands going to other switches seems to fail as well.

I've got a house full of these and none of them behave like the dimmer on the periphery of your mesh, routing through a lot of other devices? Also, GE/Jasco is pretty excellent in my experience w/warranty support...if you have a dimmer that isn't working properly you might want to contact them.

I have 32 of them....200/300 v1/300 v2. I love them.

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My Zooz ZEN27 used to lock up regularly but I have not seen in at least a year now. Not sure if it was firmware updates from Zooz, or the C7 Z-Wave firmware updates that fixed it. It seems to be a common thing with ZWave devices but not totally sure what causes it.