Restarting a Harmony Hub activity without switching off

Hi all.
Recently integrated Harmony into my automation. I have my entertainment system set to switch off via smart outlets when not in use to save power. What I would like to do is have the activation of a Harmony activity be able to switch the plugs on and then the relative activity (and hence the devices). However, the sequence is too fast and the plugs haven't turned on prior to the devices, so some don't have power when the signals are sent. I can't think of a good way to address this. I could have the Hubitat rule say when the activity is on, turn it off again and then on again but that doesn't seem like the best. Also considering the off function turns the plugs off, I may have to have some more complex rules. Any better ideas? I looked at adding a delay in the harmony rules but you can't in the beginning.

if you are using webcore you can step the device switches incrementally and add waits in between devices to wait for stabilization

I thought you could go into the "power" section of a device and add a delay before powering on. It's been a long time so I might be wrong.

I have a delay between my TV and receiver powering on. If you need, I can look at my Harmony setup a little later.

I had a look and you can add a delay but not before the first step. Gives an error and won't accept it. So the first device will fail and then there is a delay with the rest coming on after. You also can't issue the same instruction so I can't repeat the power on signal for the first device. That said, I haven't dug down very deep so maybe there is a possiblity somewhere. Another thought was to include a dummy device that I use as the first device to power on, then the delay and the actual devices on after. I was just hoping there was a hubitat rule to help with that so I'm not doing rules/changes/coding in too many places (goldfish memory for when things go wrong).

Thanks but unfortunately I'm not using webcore. I'm also not sure how that will help when the harmony device itself is issuing the first command, so hubitat wouldn't be able to tell it to wait prior (unless I am underestimating the power of webcore).

To chime in with @oldcomputerwiz, you need to change it in the device settings, not the activity settings. The device settings allow for power on and input delays.

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I took a peak this morning at my activities. Power in devices does have a power on delay option.

You are right in that you can set your first device to something like a Roku, fire stick or Chromecast and that would also work.

Good luck.

You can also just set up a dummy device. Like TV Pause. Set the up up for a brand on TV you don't have. Turn it on first and set the delay from there.
I had to do that for a doorbell automation that switches my TV input to my cameras. I don't want that to turn the TV on if it is not already on.

Thank you thank you thank you.
I found the delay settings in the device settings as mentioned, and allowed me to set a delay prior to starting up. Working great now.


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