Restart Timed Actions after cancelling them

I have a rule for a wake up light that checks time on a periodic schedule, and then fades a bulb up over 10 min if conditions are met. I added a virtual switch that can cancel timed actions to stop the fade up so the light can be turned off if I want to snooze. But when it cancels timed actions, it also cancels the periodic schedule to check for time-based conditions. Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't find a way to trigger periodic/timed actions to RESTART after being cancelled- would love that feature to be available

What exactly do you mean by that? Can you post a screenshot of your rule? that would be very helpful to help figure out the best way to solve the problem.

Sure! So my rule is triggered by a period schedule (every 1 minute). So this is the rule after I removed the timed action from it as a workaround (I moved it to a separate rule that can be cancelled, but does not have a periodic schedule as a trigger).

I'm sorry, but I am not understanding what you are trying to do with running this rule every minute. You're trying to use Hubitat as your alarm clock? Running this rule every minute is going to consume vast amounts of your hub's resources when 1439 minutes of the day it is going to be doing absolutely nothing. There is a much, MUCH easier way to do what you are trying to do. Bruce posted about it over here:

This will allow you to input the time you want into a Global Variable connector which will then cause the rule you want to be scheduled for the proper time. Without having to run a rule every minute to accomplish it.

However, what I would recommend is that you have a separate rule, one with no triggers on it, that you call from the first rule to begin the alarm. Then when you want to cancel it, you cancel the timed actions on that rule. That way, you're not messing with the triggers of the rule you're triggering based on time but instead just the rule that is doing the fade. That will keep your triggers in tact.

Yep- using Hubitat as a wake up light/alarm.

Yeah I saw that method but ended up deciding against it because I sometimes set an alarm that needs to happen later in the same day, rather than get triggered at midnight and operate on a timer after that. Would love another route that doesn't have to check on the current time every minute, but couldn't think of any,

My ask here is for a way to restart periodic/timed actions after being cancelled. Not crucial for me- I've found a way to make it work. But it seems like we have an OFF switch for periodic schedules actions, but no ON switch to turn them back on after being cancelled.

Why don't you use a trigger when "Set Alarm Time" changes and then schedule your alarm time? This way you would't need to check every minute

That should work!

So when you say 'schedule your alarm time' do you mean set a delay from the time the rule is triggered, or is there another way to set the trigger time to a specific time from within a rule/variable?