Restart hub when network ping fails

Before I spend the time to write this app, has anyone developed a way to restart a hub after x network pings?

From time to time I need to restart my router and the WiFi dongle from hubitat does not reconnect until I restart the hub. What I want to do is to restart the hub after x attempts to ping the network gateway.

In terms of pinging the gateway, these are two drivers you may be interested in:

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Thank you !

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No worries.

The rebooting link I added was not what you needed, it was a schedule-based reboot, e.g. every Friday morning, etc. You will need to find something that can either do it based off a switch or maybe a way to do it in RM, not sure... There will be a way.

This might help with rebooting via RM:

Side-note - I use the Hubitat Ping to keep an eye on my various hubs, etc, reporting their "presence" captured by the driver on one of my dashboards, using Device Watchdog to compile a single tile.

You could use the presence captured by Hubitat Ping in an RM rule to trigger the reboot when the "gateway / router" is "away".


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