[RESOLVED] URGENT C-8 Migration Incident

UPDATE: fix released. Please update to Platform Version BEFORE attempting to run the migration on the C-8 hub, as well as the old hub, then create a new cloud backup to be used to migrate to the C-8 hub

Our engineers have identified an issue with the C-8 migration and are currently working on releasing an update to correct the problem.

Please postpone the migration this morning, until the next update is released.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



I'm in the middle of the migration and encountering issues. I just got the notice to update the software and it is.

Should I continue or just plug my C7 back in? (If that won't hurt my mesh that is)

Me too. Guess I started too early this morning. Kinda in hold mode with some things working and some things not working.

I have completed migration of C7 to C8. AFAIK everything is working OK with the exception of Actiontiles. I have to recreate my dashboards due to the hardware change.

Is there anything specific that I should check on my C8 to make sure I do not have issues that I have not yet detected?


Same, I migrated from C7 yesterday and apart from a little persuasion getting hub mesh working and recreating my ActionTiles panels all seems good. What do we need to keep an eye out for?

My issue is none of the Zigbee devices working. Z-wave is fine.

Zigbee and Z-Wave all working fine for me as best as I can tell.

36 hrs in 2 C-8 upgrades. 1 was a C-5 the other C-7 and still missing some z-wave devices C-7 only. Got 5 of my zooz switches and a relay back by power cycling the device itself. Still working on some non plus devices. ?????

That's what it is about. We'll be rolling out a software update with a fix shortly.
If Zigbee devices work on the C8, the migration was successful. The issue is not subtle, it either works or doesn't, no halfways.


I've just updated to Is that the fix?

I was already on 102. So that's not the fix.

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My zigbee is working but I intermittently get zigbee offline warnings for a few seconds. I think this is tied to me trying to open webcore (user) and it going out to lunch.

No the hot fix will be

...and I didn't even have breakfast yet...:slight_smile:


But you must be on at least your 3rd cup of coffee... :smiley:


Updating now. Do I need to do another restore or migration?

Please update to Platform Version BEFORE attempting to run the migration on the C-8 hub.


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