(Resolved) Moving from Wink - Bali/Somfy Shade Woes in Hubitat. Help!

Ok, added Wink in as a repeater. No change. I don't think it is a signal issue because Hub is only 15 feet away from blind. Also, I have tried adding repeaters as well, which didn't help and neither did adding Wink to the hub. I think it is a driver/command issue.

I think I have tracked down the actual product on Z-wave alliance site. Bali & Graber, both are from the same company 'Spring Fashions'. This is the product link and here is its Z-Wave Network Management Instructions. I wonder if the following recommendation is not baked into the driver code?

The Wakeup command class should be configured by a hub when the remote is joined to a Z-Wave network. A WAKE_UP_INTERVAL_SET command should configure the NodeID at a minimum. The Wakeup interval can be configured to any value from 6 minutes to 25 hours. Recommendation is to leave the interval at the default of 12 hours to maximize battery life. The remote will wake up every WakeUpInterval and send a WakeUp Notification command as well as a battery report to the NodeID assigned with the Interval Set command. The WakeUp Notification will be sent within a few minutes of power being applied to the remote and then once every Wake Up Interval. A Wakeup Interval Capabilities command will inform the hub of the default, minimum, maximum and step size of the Wake Up interval.

@april.brandt Any additional recommendations? I tried emailing Hubitat support but didn't really get a response. How do I get some attention from one of their support engineers?

HE is probably not going to reply to your request, but will look at the driver to see if improvements could be made.
You could try some of the suggestions in this post? Or reached out to the link posted above?


I spoke with Spring Fashion support (Bali/Graber) one more time. This time it was a nicer support personnel. Still couldn't get any resolution but sharing some information on here for anyone reading this future. He basically said Shades have two way communication, so hub/driver plays a big role. Wink is also no longer their supported hub ; he recommended to get their Graber Virtual Cord Hub (that being the only supported hub for Bali/graber). I am not sure if I want to drop another 200 on another hub and just wish I could get some help updating/fixing the driver for HE.

I looked into the 'dimmer post' but couldn't glean much. @ZebraBlinds are you able to provide some assistance please?

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I wonder if @bcopeland would be willing to look at it. He seems to work magic with lots of these Zwave devices.


@yashvind Thanks for the Tag

The issue with the shades stopping at random positions is firmware related and you need to check the version you are on. If it's below 11.03 what essentially happens on most hubs and sometimes on wink as well (you were just lucky) when a command is sent and the shade is in motion or just about to start motion from a command it already received or it decides to repeat another z-wave command in the z-wave network a bug in the firmware caused the motors to think they are overloaded with power and forced them to stop (with a red light on the motor) to prevent damage to the motor. When this happens it can be any where from mins to an hour for them to respond again directly to the hub or if you move the shade the opposite direction using the remote and try again it will work.

I find that SmartThings and Hubitat tends to repeat commands in the z-wave network which is when this happens.

Pm me if you need further help. Just double check the firmware version on the shade first.

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I sent you a PM with some details but posting it here as well for benefits of others who might have the same problem. My firmware is 11.2. So that would explain the issue. The shades act exactly the same way you described.

Called up Spring Fashion again to see if I can get access to new firmware file and they claimed that the motors have not changed or the firmware on them in last 4 years. I don’t think the person knew what she was talking about. She initially didn’t even know what firmware is!!

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replied to the PM

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I had the same problem when I was using Wink but then created a shortcut rule within the Android Wink app to raise Left, Right & Center shades separately and also to various degrees of openness: ie, 25%, 50, % etc. Then included a robot for ALL shades : open, closed and then at 25%, 50% and closed. Finally then used IFTTT to be able to incorporate the Wink shortcuts so that you can use Alexa devices via voice by saying: Alexa, TRIGGER all Blinds, UP-DOWN-50%-25% etc. Should be able to use Hubitat to get the same results thru IFTTT.

I think I finally have a solution with the help from @ZebraBlinds. No need to involve IFTTT. I am still testing it for stability but so far so good (finally). I will post an update and summary for community member's future use by this weekend.


Watching! I have the Somfy AutoViews on my blinds as well.

Also watching. I have the exact same issue, just not sure about the red light. Never looked.

Update for my issue. I did notice a solid red light on the blind in question after a failed move. Interesting part is if I use the AutoView Multi-Channel remote to command a mive right after a failed Hubitat move, it works as expected.

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Sorry for the delay folks, just haven’t be able to find time to document my summary for the fix. But in the nutshell, after upgrading shades to the latest firmware, it’s been stable 99% of the time. How to get there, will explain soon.


I look forward to your information on the solution. It really surprises me that there is not a fine tuned Bali/Graber driver for everyone to use. The generic or even using the dimmer settings on others is not an acceptable option for most.

@yashvind and @ZebraBlinds,

My Graber shades have firmware version 11.2

Is it possible to get and apply the updated firmware?

I am experiencing all of the behaviors you have described. Random positions, red light, ignoring commands, etc. Somewhere along the way we figured out reversing the requested direction and letting the shade open or close would reset its ability to accept commands.

I've wasted many hours in the Rules Engine and groovy trying to figure out why my shades and virtual shade group driver were not working.

I don't recall ever having issues when they were on the Wink Hub, and the Graber remote works flawlessly, so I assumed the issue I've been having over the past couple of months was related to my code.


I just updated my original post with details. Please give it a read.


Where did you find firmware code for your shades? I too have Bali/Somfy shades with these exact same problems. Complete hit or miss where it stops and then I get the red light. Other times it works.

The first post above said to contact the Zebra Blinds rep. That rep is just a couple posts above...


Thank you, seems like I need to wait to PM a user here as I just signed up today. I recently installed this Hubitat as part of a total renovation and I've got a lot to learn programming. I installed that custom z-wave driver mentioned and confirmed my roller shade firmware is 11.2

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