[Resolved] Lutron Issue

Using the Lutron Integration app, I added a pico paddle remote to Hubitat. Under the device details, when I push the remote I can see the button press happen under Current Status. It seems like this would mean that the remote is properly linked to my Hubitat. However, when I initiate a Push of 1 or 2 (in device details), nothing happens. Why would I be able to see the status change when the remote is pressed, but not be able to control the remote?

The button commands (Push, Hold, Release, Double Tap) on the device detail page are, for most button devices, effectively "virtual" -- i.e., they are a way to simulate this event from the hub (triggering the same automations, etc.) but don't have any effect on the device itself. Button devices normally send events to the hub (from real-world actions like your first example), but most don't accept commands from the hub.

What are you actually trying to do? Despite what I said above, there are cases with Lutron systems where these can be used to activate scenes (and perhaps other functionality I don't know off the top of my head...), just not using a Pico device.

I am trying to troubleshoot why my automation isn't working. With other devices when I issue a command under device details it operates the device.

You should see "pushed : 1" in the device details if you select 1 and press the Push button on the device details page. If the button is also setup to control a device with the Buttton Controller app, you should also be able to control the device (such as a light) from the device details page.

What do you mean with "operates the device"? Again, most button devices aren't able to be "operated" from the hub--they just send commands to the hub when you do something to them (e.g., push a button). Is there a problem with an actual automation?

If you aren't seeing what is described above -- e.g., the value of "pushed" updating on the device detail page -- when you do a "virtual" Push command, then that is interesting and likely a problem. But I'm not clear from your description what is or isn't happening. Do note that you won't see anything change on the device detail page if the old and new values are the same, e.g., if it was button 1 for two successive pushes. You will get an event, which you can see under "Events," accessible from the same page.

If none of this is happening, that is an odd problem. I'd begin by checking Logs for errors.

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Maybe I am confused. When I add the Pico Remote using the Lutron Integration App, it creates a device. Doesn't that device control the Pico Remote?

I do see pushed 1 like you show. However the lights don't come on

No. Pico remotes are not controlled by Hubitat. (Only Lutron dimmers and switches are controlled by the Hubitat Lutron integration).

Button presses on Pico remotes are "received" by the device created on Hubitat, and these button presses can be used to trigger Hubitat automations.

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Thanks. I didn't realized that. So do I need to use the Habitat Lutron Integration to "receive" button presses in Habitat or can I do that directly?

You solved my problem! I was trying to control Lutron remotes versus switches and dimmers. All is working well now!