RESOLVED - Hubitat C-8, Cloud Connection is unavailable, Cloud Backups Failed

Update: My Dream Machine Router's Auto Security flagged and started to block my HUBITAT from accessing the internet.

Hello and Thanks in advance for any assistance.

C-8 Hub running, ENET connected

Yesterday my hub crashed. I had to perform a power off / on.
Upon restart, all rules and devices restarted, but I am having issues with the cloud backup and external connections to SharpTools.

My Hub is connected to the network as I am able to fully login and interact with the Hub.

My cloud backups fail with the Failed:Backup Upload to the cloud. Also, when I try to view all of my cloud backups, there is none listed.

I have the feeling it some sort of authentication issue, but I do not know where to start to troubleshoot. Can anyone suggest where to begin to diagnose why my connection to Hubitat cloud is failing?


I'd suggest that you attempt a network reset on the hub to see if that will allow it to reestablish connection to the cloud.

Press the little button underneath the hub for about 7-10 seconds. Hub should reboot and hopefully connect.