[RESOLVED] 2 lockups in 3 days... update cause?

currently on, was on whatever was released before that for a day or two... Never before that update have I had the hub lockup totally unresponsive. Since the two updates I've had two such lockups. Don't see anything obvious in logs or system events, but I'm stupid and know not what I seek. Any help appreciated! I've seen another post that sounds sorta similar... but no solution apparent there.

I would send an email to support. They can log in and see other logs we don't have access to. support@hubitat.com

I'm seeing the same problem. My hub had been very stable, no devices added, no changes to custom code. I've had issues since one of the 2.0.7 updates, not sure which one, including a red light lockup a couple of hours after installing this morning. I hadn't see one of those in months.

Got Squeezeconnect running?

I don't.