Resetting Zigbee Routing Table?

Hey folks. Ever since I moved my hub from my office space to a space in the basement with the rest of the computer equipment, responses have been sketchy at best. I have 3 times now tried the move of shutting off the hub for awhile, I have tried just shutting off the zigbee antenna as well. I have removed devices and readded them. Nothing seems to be working. Can I just delete the whole routing table and force them all to start from scratch without a full zigbee reset? I have over 90 devices and do not want to start over. It would take a week or more to rebuild everything. Ideas?

How long did you power it down for? If less than 20 minutes, it wasn't long enough. If more, then it should have been long enough.

Make sure you have enough repeating devices.

Make sure whatever zigbee channel you are on has limited interference from other radios/wifi.

Make sure you didn't put the hub in a big metal box that will kill the signal strength of the signals.

There's no way of doing that; however there's probably no need to. The routing changes resulting from moving just the hub are likely to permanently change just the hub's first hop neighbors; you can see their status by looking at the getChildandRouteInfo page. How many entries are in the Neighbor Table? What do the their in/out costs look like? Make sure a few are present (the same few; the table can change when you refresh the page and ideally the only thing that you want to see changing in the neighbor table are the age figures) with costs on the low side of 7 (they range from 1 - 7 based on the LQI of the inbound and outbound neighbor links; you don't want to see a cost figure of 0 because that means the link isn't currently useable).

Given a mesh that was stable before, after relocating your hub once its neighbor table looks good it should quickly sort itself out (and might be goosed along by resetting a few routers later). But if you don't have good links in the first hop, nothing else matters.

Thanks for the reply! I turned it off overnight when I headed to bed for the night and restarted it after getting my morning coffee. I then waited a good 48 hours to try and let it rebuild. Still a no go. I have plenty of devices. I have over 60 switches and dimmers between my first floor and basement and all of them act as zigbee repeaters. The hub is sitting up high on a wood shelf, near the false drop ceiling in a central location of the house.

Tony how would I go about fixing the first hops? Removing the repeater devices that are now closest to the hub and readding them?

That would be the fastest way. They should show up pretty much immediately in the neighbor table. They in turn would need to re-establish links with their child devices (if non-routers) or surrounding neighbor links to other repeaters.