Resetting attributes using rules?

Is there anyway to use a rule (or something else) to reset attributes such as "energy" or "powerH" in outlet devices other than going to devices, selecting the device and using one of its reset buttons?

I display the outlet's energy and amp stats on a dashboard and would like a button to reset them.

Any ideas?


Sure. I do this every month for my washing machine and a power strip in my office.

As long as the driver has a reset command available, you can make a rule using custom action.

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I'm sorry, I didn't fully explain. For your use, you'd want to create a virtual button and then make a rule with the trigger being a press of that button and the reset custom action. Then allow that button to be shared with the appropriate dashboard.

Thanks- it worked like a charm. Didn't know one could create custom actions that run device commands. That's what I like about Hubitat- they allow you to do almost anything once you learn how