Reset hub to clean state

So now I'm moving everything to the new C7 what's the fastest way to delete all apps and devices from my C4 to get a clean state from which to configure the hub as part of a new hub mesh?

As far as I can tell I can reset the radios but there seems to be no way to delete apps en masse and clean out the db while keeping only the driver/app codes.

use http://yourhubipaddress:8081?

Yeah do s soft reset, on the link above. Then delete radios that clears out the databases them deletes the information in the Radio sticks.

Just did that, it was a pretty nuclear option, deleted everything, even devices (even though I thought it was meant to preserve device pairings.) Restoring drivers and apps won't take long fortunately.

That's what you asked for?

Let's just confirm some things

Soft reset : this wipes the database but not the radios, in this case it looks like it has because everything is blank. But once you restore a database from a backup (that you have downloaded to your PC) everything will be restored as before.

Clear radios: does exactly that, wipes them and no way to restore them. Your database is still there, but there is no physical devices linked too the database/ apps.

There is also full hard reset. This does both and brakes any connections to the hubitat cloud. This should never be done unless support has asked you to do it with their help.


Thanks I didn't read the soft reset instructions clearly (it did say a restore will preserve devices). In any case I'm ok with starting fresh to see whether the cause of my slowdown is firmware or device/app related.