Reset hub, can't connect

I did a soft reset on my old C7 to clear out the devices etc. now that I have upgraded to a C8.
I have done resets before to clear out logs but this time it has gone AWOL.
I get the hub boot and green light, has an IP (.75) but it's always connection refused on IP or IP:8081
I can ping this IP.
This was a current hub with the latest Beta and diagnostic tools.


Did you reset the radios first? If not, there's a solid chance they will stomp on your new C-8.

A Soft Reset doesn't touch the networking either. If you have reserved that MAC address in your router, you can always remove it, reboot the hub and see what it's new address is. It won't be .75 unless you hard coded that into the hub.. in that case, press the little button on the bottom for 7 seconds (it's hidden behind the only round vent hole in the bottom, between the Ethernet socket and the power socket.)

I have the C8 off ATM so that the radios don't clash.
I did the bottom reset a few times and Nada. IP was defaulted to DHCP when I reset so it picked up .75; I don't use reservations.
Everything says it working just the C7 web server is refusing connection.
It even checked in:


Well maybe time heals all wounds.
I waited a day and hit the hard reset button again and now I can get in to the IP.

There isn't any hard reset button, but if you mean the tiny button inside the Hub under the one round hole in the bottom venting, then GREAT. :slight_smile: That button is the Reset Network to DHCP button and it usually causes the hub to reboot itself if you press it 7 or more seconds.

Bad me, assuming it did something :wink:
All wiped with a static and filed on the shelf.
Now I need some silly reason to have a mesh whem my hub never breaks sweat.