Required Expression - Cancel pending actions

Under Required Expression, does “Cancel pending actions when required expression becomes false” stop the “repeat” of an action? Is a repeat considered a pending action?

Consider a rule that has an action that repeats 10 times. If the required expression becomes false after 4 repeats, would the 6 remaining repeats be cancelled?

Make a rule to test this out and report back what happens.

Edit: Okay, I couldn't wait and made my own test rule. Yes, the Repeat will stop when the RE becomes false.

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Based on the documentation here: Rule 5.1 | Hubitat Documentation

I would suspect that it does cancel repeats, as those would be in the same category as "delays/waits, etc"

Thank you @pseudonym and @tray_e for responding!

I just got done testing my rule, and as stated by @pseudonym earlier, the repeats are indeed cancelled.