Required Expression and Wait For Event

I sometimes use a pattern to ensure a rule can't get interrupted by another instance of itself -- I put a Required Expression that the Rule Boolean be true, then within the rule actions I set it false, do work, and conclude by setting it true again.

That mostly seems to work well, except for one rule which does a Wait for Events. That Wait seems never to complete, which makes me think the Required Expression might be blocking those event registrations as well. Is that the intended behavior?

I've restructured the rule to be more reentrant and removed the Private Boolean restriction, but here's what the previous version looked like:

No, there shouldn't be a problem with the Required Expression and the Wait for Event. The easy way to find out is run the rule up to the wait, and then look at the Event Subcriptions on the App Status page (gear icon). You should see the subscription for the two events. If you don't, please show me what is there for Event Subscriptions.

In the trigger "Anyone Besides Mike leaves" seems to indicate this is a single presence sensor but the conditional action "Anyone Besides Mike all not present" seems to indicate there should be multiple presence sensors. Could the conditional action be corrupted?

Certainly possible. That previously had multiple presence sensors, but I recently used an app for combining presence sensors to create one that reflects whether someone besides me is at home.

To act on @bravenel's suggestion, I created a new rule that behaves the same way (Wait inside Private Boolean changes) and it registers as he describes, so that confirms this isn't a general problem. As I said, I've already revised the original rule to avoid the need to be restricted on the Private Boolean, but I haven't had a chance to test the edited rule itself to confirm that it registers properly.