Require more than one motion event to cause a trigger?

I have “occasional” (every few months) instances where the Aeotec Tri-Sensor in an outbuilding indicates motion when there is none (usually just after waking up for a battery report). Is there anyway in HSM to make it so that more than a single motion event is required before triggering an alarm? I don’t want that to apply to all devices, just the motion sensors.

Don't know about HSM but you can use the built in motion zone controller app to create motion zones that can be setup to for that sort of thing.


Thanks for this. I did not know this was available. This should do exactly what I need. I will investigate this.

Hmm.. maybe not. It seems this needs more than one motion sensor to make the logic work.

Check out the built in "Zone Motion Controllers". There you can group multiple motion sensors to act as one. One of the settings is to require more than one sensor to activate before the zone reports active.

I only have one sensor in this outbuilding. I like the concept, but it would double my sensor purchases for the other outbuildings and house.

Have you tried using RM and the setting for Motion Stays in Motion for x?

No. How could I tie that back to HSM? By creating a virtual device?

Sorry - I don't use motion sensors with HSM.

I presume you can just create a virtual motion sensor, use the physical in a rule to set the state of the virtual, and just use the virtual in HSM instead of the physical.

That’s what I will try. Sounds like it should work!

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