Request to whitelist*

Is there any channel to ask for whitelisting additional groovy classes? Specifically the (though it would be good to have Deflater) as the device websocket I am connecting to is using ZLIB compression and it seems those classes are not available to use :frowning:

Many thanks for the consideration!


I second this request. I need to inflate a ZLIB stream from a websocket. What device/stream are you attempting to use @jonathanb? Did you ever find a solution for this?

FYI @Bago

I submitted a ticket some time ago with that request but nothing ever happened to it. I was working on a Unifi Protect driver to get real-time motion alerts but they compress the websocket content. I've ended up using Node-Red but this adds another point of failure in the chain and would have rather gone directly.

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Funny, I'm working on UniFi Protect, too. I ended up just bouncing the deflated packets off of a Python server (Raspberry Pi) for inflation. It's still local and working, but it would be nice if it was all on Hubitat.

Any news?

BTW: Where can I find the actual whitelist?

Hello @gopher.ny, I hope you're the right person to ping to get a definitive comment on this.

Would it be possible to whitelist*? It would help to drastically improve usability and likely increase the performance of my UniFi Protect integration. Right now I am offloading the zlib.decompress() to an external python script.

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Thank you! I'll give it a shot.

Update: looks like I got what I needed. Will post an updated version of my drivers pending some user testing. Thanks again, @gopher.ny!


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