[Request] Tags field for devices, dropdown filter on device list

I started this on a support thread that was resolved but thought I'd bring it up here as well.

One of the big issues with managing 100+ devices is the ability to quickly edit/tweak a group of devices like changing preferences etc. Currently we can sort columns which is very helpful as well as searching for a device which is less so.

I would like to see a free form "tag" text field added to the device page. This field would be a simple comma separated list of user created tags that would be associated with a device. On the device list page a dropdown list of tags if they exist would be used to "isolate" or filter a group of devices that have the same tag.

Taking it a bit further - the tags could be used to filter device selection lists as well.

The tags themselves would have no other impact on the system other than for filtering/grouping large device sets. Just a UI helper that maybe could be extended to other things in the future...


Thats an idea I can get behind.

+1 from me

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