Request : send notification when Z-wave or zigbee offline

Requesting the have the ability to send a notification when my Z-WAVE or zigbee module goes offline. I know there is a pop-up notification in the HE web UI but it would be nice to know especially when you are away from home.

You mean a zigbee or z-wave device or the hub module on the hub itself?

I had two sensors that were dead for 4 months! OMG4 months! Didn't notice it because there were other sensors picking up the slack. It was only when I wanted to tweak the illuminance that I noticed. I would LOVE something that tells you that a thing hasn't reported for x-amount of time. 4 monhs. Where was I? Two of them .. geesh.


There are two....Device Monitor and Device Watchdog, which was just published today.

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The module in the HE hub stick.

Your stick has just stopped working, on it's own? I would call support over that because I've not heard of that happening to anyone else.

But monitoring any z-wave device would tell you if your z-wave module was not working and monitoring a zigbee device would tell you if your zigbee module wasn't working, wouldn't it? All of your z-wave and zigbee devices would show as unavailable if the module was down.

It's not common, but has happened:

I haven't read about this recently,

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It's much easier with my request. They already have the ability to have a pop-up messeage with the stick module offline.
Trying to monitor a device offline is not as easy.
My zigbee went offline around 1AM and there's no way for me to know.

What type of notification are you talking about? What exactly is your request? What I'm telling you is an alternative you could use right now without having to wait for a new feature that might never come. Use, don't use it... It would work. But if you don't want notifications except the exact way you want them, then wait for a theoretical new feature.

Pushover, SMS or hublink etc. What you are telling is monitoring a device and not the module itself which is not the same.

Yes, but it would have the same outcome....and you can do it today. You are asking for a new feature which there is no guarantee you will ever get. What I am proposing is a workaround that gives you a similar outcome and would let you know if something is wrong. But you just go ahead and wait for your new feature. Do me a favor though, hold your breath.

There is nothing in RM for device beoming unavailable capability other than the typical motion/battery etc.
Nah, I just keep on breathing like normal. This is just a feature request like my other requests. It's up to HE staffs to implement them or not. Thanks for helping out though.

That's why I posted a link to another app that does do device unavailability. Here it is again.

I do have that apps. Thanks for your help.
Request still stand.