[Request] Search in Collapsed Code Sections


Would it be possible to modify the search feature to also search within folded sections of cold.

For example I keep all my methods collapsed as I find it easier to focus when jumping around. However every now and then I have to search for something and it doesn't search within the collapsed sections.

Maybe the search feature can be updated to expand those sections as it finds the search term in them as well so I don't have to expand everything and collapse it all again.


When I try to do a search for a term inside a collapsed part of code, if that is the next result, it automatically un-nests itself and displays the correct result. Looks like it's working to me, at least for app code. Didn't try drivers. How are you searching? Cntl-F? What browser are you using? Chrome here.


Using Firefox.

I did find a way around. Usually I just do a ctrl f and then look at the side for all the places and scroll around. Of course it won’t show all of the places within collapses sections.

I did however find that ctrl g goes to the next instance and expands the section. So jif I just keep hitting it I find all the occurrences.

This way works too. Was just hoping an initial search can show them all. But I can work with this as well.

How about a collapse all/expand all feature?