[Request] Make App ID visible in App List (doesn't show in Safari) Solved user error

Is there an easy way to find the app ID for an app or specific RM app? I read somewhere about 'hovering over' something to get it to appear but that doesn't seem to work in Safari and I can't find it anywhere obvious if I click the gear wheel 'show app details and settings'. It appears in the logs but that's only of use if you have logging on for that specific rule.

There have been instances where I've had an error in the logs that references an app ID and I've no idea what app it is. With the introduction of @thebearmay 'Message Rotator Tile Device' I'd like to use the RM app ID for a rule as the messageID when sending a string to that device (it seems the most logical way to keep track of/avoid conflicting messageID's)

It would be very handy if the app ID was shown next to the individual app in the app list (in a separate column or otherwise) so it can be instantly referenced.

Edit: I can see it if I use Chrome by hovering over the app, but I only use Safari.

The quickest way is to bring up the app, and then look in the URL. You’ll see a string similar to


The number after the word configure is the appID


View > Show Status Bar will also turn on the similar feature for Safari — and, like most modern browser UIs, will only show the status bar when there is actually content to display there, not all the time.

This assumes you're talking about desktop; on mobile, a tap and hold should show the URL (though I wouldn't be surprised if macOS ends up there some day, too, ha).

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doh! I wasn't aware of the Show Status Bar - I've swim the it on now, thanks.

Still would be easier if it were on permanent display though....

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That, apparently, became un-cool in the early 2010s, and after the first browser started doing it, all eventually followed suit. :rofl: But I guess 99% of the time I just used it to see the destination of hyperlinks, and at least they all still have a way to do that, even if it's not on by default in Safari.

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I'm more referring to Hubitat displaying the the app ID adjacent the app name in the list. That way if you have a log entry referring to an app ID and you're not sure which app the ID refers to, you could just view the app list as a whole to check, rather than having to hover over each and every entry in the list until you find it.

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Just click on the app ID on the left side of the logs, and it will show you which app it is above.


Yeah apologies it shows when I hover over the app ID in the logs now. It didn't until Enabling 'Show Status Bar' as Robert suggested above.

Thread can be closed, thanks.

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